About your vessel safety!

TIME£º2017-02-07 14:17:27

This photo was sent in by one of our customer. It’s a critical safety item that needs to be addressed by every vessel owner at least once per season.

Just imagine you set anchor one evening in a nice secluded bay (as you often do) enjoy a star filled evening with a lovely dinner on board. You then retire to bed and wake up as your boat is being POUNDED by waves onto sharp rocks whereby you and your crew may or may not survive. And it’s all because of a weak and rusted one link in your anchor chain that you neglected to check. In theory it doesn’t sound very possible but the photo above should be proof enough for you to check your anchor cable next time you visit the boat and enough to put it on your seasonal checklist. While you’re at it check the connection points and make sure your shackles are wired shut with stainless steel wire. D-ring shackles  are known for unscrewing.

The old saying goes like this – “I’d rather be on a boat with a drink on the rocks than in the drink with a boat on the rocks”!