Ground Tackle Details for PCTC

TIME£º2017-02-28 09:58:34

A few details about the ground tackle of a 6500 unit PCTC (Pure Car Truck Carrier or informally a car carrier) - a 200 meter ship

On all ships the term ground tackle refers to a vessel's anchors, chain and windlass. 
The anchor:  The anchor type is AC-14 The weight is about 8 tons.

The chain: The chain consist of links, the type of link is called stud link, the size, which is the diameter of the wire used to form the links is 81mm.   The length of an anchor chain is measured in shots. One shot is 15 fathoms or 90 feet (27.4 meters).

The port anchor chain is 11 shots - 990 feet or about 300 meters  - total weight is 44 tons.
The starboard anchor is 10 shots - 900 feet or about 274 meters - total weight is 40 tons.
The weight of a 81mm diameter chain is 0.144 tons/meter - the weight of each shot therefore is 4 tons.
Each shot is connected by a connecting link.

The connection between the chain and the anchor includes a swivel, an end link and a bending shackle

The windlass: There are two separate, hydraulically powered  windlass, one  for each side, the windlass is capable of recovering the chain at a rate of about 1 shot (90 feet)  in three minutes.